Our new brand comes from our history.

We were born from the passionate commitment of the families living in Cormòns who pursue a global agreement. This is well grounded in the passion for the land and for our work, in the desire of an ongoing improvement, in the values such as partnership, development, authenticity, commitment, environmental protection and “know-how to do something”.

Since our first grape harvest, we have been growing a lot!

It’s high time that we renew our image in order to be in tune with changing times, and also to come up with a new language, suited to represent us and to express our identity in a dynamic and in a flexible way.

We are more than one hundred families joined together into a sole Big Wine Family.

For generations, we have been growing together some of the most valuable vineyards of the world, in the areas of Collio, Friuli Isonzo and Colli Orientali del Friuli. These are distinctive areas of premium grapes and wines.

Right here on the North-East corner of Italy, the wine is both a well-established tradition and a passionate culture, which expresses itself in the caring and in the strong valorization of its territory.

Our wines.
For generations, they have been the true expression of the Friuli’s character and traditions.

Ours is a rare, unique Harmony made up of skies and lands, of rivers and stones, of traditions and innovations, of women and men, who have settled in the vineyards their own roots for generations.

A unique symphony out of which the spirit of Cantina Produttori Cormòns has come into life, and that we share in our white and red wines. These are therefore true expression of the most authentic Friulian character and tradition.

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