Doc Collio Bianco

Autochthonous grape variety:
Tocai Friulano, Malvasia Istriana, Ribolla Gialla.

Collio & Collio.

Vine training system:
Guyot and double Cappuccina, long pruning but not rich in buds.

Harvest period:
Third harvest period, last ten days of September.

The de-stemmed grapes are macerated at a low temperature for a long time inside cooled pneumatic presses so as to extract from the skin the antioxidant substances which are beneficial to the human body; the must ferments at a controlled temperature and is then drawn into large barrels.

It rests for 6-7 months on its own yeasts in large, oval-shaped oak barrels of three different essences.

Golden yellow, crystalline.

Of wild flowers, lightly spiced, of pineapple, sharp and silky.

Strong, salty, clean, of light tannicity, elegant and fine.

Serve with:
Fish antipasti, fried fish and seafood, broth soup, vegetable minestrone, triglie (mullet) alla livornese and cacciucco (an Italian fish stew), pasta alla scogliera and grilled fish.

Serving temperature:
At 8-10° in the summer and 11-13° in the winter in a long-stemmed glass which is shaped like a just-bloomed tulip.

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