Collio Picolit

Doc Collio Picolit

Grape variety:
Picolit: medium-sized, pyramid-like cluster with small, helicoidal berries which are sparse due to floral abortion.

Collio Picolit.

Vine training system:
Double Cappuccina with long pruning.

Harvest period:
Fourth period of maturation, second ten days of October.

Cold maceration of the de-stemmed grapes and temperature-controlled fermentation for about two months

In small, fine, durmast oak kegs for over a year.

Intense golden yellow, transparent.

Of ripe acacia honey and vanilla.

Strong, full-bodied, unmistakably sweet but dry, sharp mountain-hay aromas.

Serve with:
A meditation and conversation wine.

Serving temperature:
At 10-12° in the summer and 14° in the winter in a long-stemmed glass which is shaped like a big, just-bloomed rose.

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