Castello Cabernet

IGT Cabernet

Grape variety:
Cabernet Franc: big, pyramid-like cluster with medium-large berries which are different; dark blue Color; herbaceous flavor.

Venezia Giulia Cabernet Franc.

Vine training system:
Double Cappuccina, long pruning but not rich in buds.

Harvest period:
The fourth period of maturation, the first and second ten days of October.

The must of the de-stemmed grapes ferments for about 20 days in maceration with the berries.

In big durmast oak barrels.

Intense red with shades of blue.

Herbaceous, like mountain hay, lightly spiced.

Mellow, velvety, slight taste of caramel and cloves, tannic, complex and of great structure

Serve with:
Grilled and skewered red meats, roasted duck, stewed beef, game, ribs and sausages.

Serving temperature:
Store bottle in a cool and dark place; serve at room temperature in the winter and at 14-15° in the summer in a wide, half-orange shaped glass.

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