Castello Merlot

IGT Merlot

Grape variety:
Merlot: medium-big clusters, 10-15 cm, round, midnight-blue berries with a simple flavor.

Venezia Giulia Merlot.

Is rich in mineral compounds, limestone, phosphorus, potassium and gravelly iron; is alluvial, pebbly and typically called “Ferreti”.

Vine training system:
Guyot-single or double Cappuccina, medium-short pruning, 5-10 buds.

Harvest period:
The fourth period of maturation, the end of September.

The de-stemmed grapes macerate for two weeks; the fermentation ends in stainless steel containers.

In durmast oak barrels.

Bright red with garnet purple highlights.

Winey, slightly herbaceous and of shrinking violets.

Sapid, salty, slight taste of fresh spices, fruity and wholesome.

Serve with:
Suitable for daily consumption and with all meals, excellent with boiled meats, roasts and savory pasta.

Serving temperature:
At12-14° in the summer and 16-18° in the winter.

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