Matajur Pignolo

IGT Pignolo

Grape variety:
Autochthonous Pignolo: medium-small cluster with round small berries that are midnight blue in color.

Venezia Giulia Pignolo..

Belongs to the composition of the so-called “Flysch di Cormòns” because of its particular friability; is rich in mineral elements, limestone, potassium, and phosphorus; is marly and calcareous.

Vine training system:
Guyot-simple Cappuccina with short pruning.

Harvest period:
Fourth period of maturation, first and second ten days of October.

The de-stemmed grapes ferment for 20 days macerating the berries; the must is drawn into large barrels.

Two years in large barrels.

Intense red, marasca cherry with reddish purple highlights.

Fruity, of cherry, currant and ripe soft fruit.

Strong, robust, full-bodied, complex, slightly herbaceous.

Serve with:
Grilled red meats, game, boiled meat, pasta and beans, frico (an Italian cheese crisp) and matured cheeses.

Serving temperature:
At 12-14° in the summer and at room temperature in the winter in a big, long-stemmed glass which is shaped like a big, just-bloomed tulip.

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