Castello Pinot Grigio

IGT Pinot Grigio

Grape variety:
Pinot Grigio: small, cylindrical compact cluster with small, copperish, grey-red berries; simple flavor.

Venezia Giulia Pinot Grigio

Is calcareous, marly, alluvial, pebbly, gravelly and rich in mineral elements. Vine training system: Guyot-simple Cappuccina, excellent planting intensity, short pruning, 5-10 buds.

Harvest period:
Fourth period of maturation, the end of September.

Low-pressure maceration of the berries by cooled pneumatic presses; the final fermentation takes place in stainless steel containers.

It rests on yeasts in stainless steel containers.

Straw yellow with copperish highlights and grayish shades.

Mellow, of chamomile, banana, pineapple and rennet apples.

Refined, fruity, slightly almondy and of hazelnut.

Serve with:
As an aperitif and with antipasti in general, cold cuts and prosciutto ham, gnocchi with ragu sauce, risotto alla Milanese, eggplant pasticcio and white and boiled meats.

Serving temperature:
At 9-11° in the summer and 12-14° in the winter in a long-stemmed glass which is shaped like a just-bloomed tulip.

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