Matajur Traminer

IGT Traminer

Grape variety:
Traminer: small, compact cluster with a conical trunk; small, helicoidal, dotted berries that are clear rose grey color; aromatic flavor.

Venezia Giulia Traminer.

Mix of a marly-arenaceous composition which is rich in mineral compounds, limestone, phosphorus, potassium; is gravelly, pebbly and alluvial.

Vine training system:
Guyot-simple Cappuccina, short pruning.

Harvest period:
The third period of maturation, the last ten days of September.

The de-stemmed grapes are macerated for a long time in cooled pneumatic presses in order to extract from the skin the antioxidant substances which are beneficial to the human body; the must ferments at a controlled temperature and is then drawn into stainless steel tanks.

It rests for six months on its own yeasts in stainless steel containers.

Golden yellow, intense, deep.

Of rose, linden, musk and apricots.

Mellow, full, velvety, flavor of apricots and aromatic scents.

Serve with:
Savory first courses, fish soups and risotto with truffles, fondues, speck (smoked, juniper-flavored ham), culatello di Zibello (a ham which is typical of the Province of Parma) sweets, pies and cakes.

Serving temperature:
At 9-11° in the summer and 12-14° in the winter in a long-stemmed, wide, capacious glass which is shaped like a big overblown tulip.

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