The story

A fertile and fruitful land stretches along the Isonzo river, not far from the town of Gorizia. It is shielded in the north by the Julian Alps and warmed by the gentle breeze of the Adriatic Sea a few kilometres southwards. Since the dawn of the Mediterranean civilization, this land was home to men and vine cultivation. It generated and still generates superb wines as a continuation of its cultural past. In 1983 the World’s Vineyard, a symbol of human brotherhood, began to take root. It originated from the hearts of all Members of the Cantina Produttori Cormòns and it was then nurtured, day by day, by other generous men coming from all over the world. Thanks to their cooperation, some hundreds of vineyards have been planted that come from countries where the vine lifts the spirit with its generous outcomes. As more vineyards are planted, the World’s Vineyard turns out to be one of the most beautiful varietal collections in the world. Because of its natural connotation but especially its intrinsic message, this wine, the Wine of Peace, is definitely unique. It is a symbol of human brotherhood, just as the vines coming from each and every continent join during the harvest, pressing and fermentation, giving rise to one single wine. In 1985 the first harvest took place. With their hearts filled with joy, over 500 women, men, boys and girls picked the long-awaited clusters. The Wine of Peace was born. Decorated by the great artists Baj, Music and Pomodoro, on 9th April 1986 the wine took off for the first time to bring its message of Peace to every civil and religious Head of State, with Alitalia as the official carrier. Thus began the story of the World’s Vineyard and the Wine of Peace, with their message of brotherhood and peace that is renewed every year.

Greetings from the world

La Bottaia


The label on the wine bottle is not simply a trademark but it represents, first and foremost, the identity card of that specific wine. Real magic happens when this small card is decorated by the hands of master painters whose beautiful signs and colours finally turn a simple label into a unique work of art. This magic happens every year with the labels of the Wine of Peace and other wines by Cantina Produttori di Cormòns. Here art and wine making have long been intertwined: the artist’s label is not just a sign of identification for the wine, but serves instead as a vehicle of culture. Over these years we have received prestigious acknowledgments. Just to mention an example, the labels “Picolit – Vino d’Autore” and “Cava” (sparkling wine) by graphic designer and painter Arrigo Buttazzoni were awarded the Etichetta d’oro” (golden label) on the occasion of the 4th and 5th National Contest organized by the International Label Museum of Cupramontana. Many famous painters contributed to the creation of the labels for the Wine of Peace.


Enrico Baj was a great artist who cherished the Wine of Peace as its favourite “child”, so much so that he was the first to take part in the initiative by the Cantina Produttori Cormòns, aiming at making this unique wine a symbol for harmony between different worlds and cultures. No other carrier would have been as powerful as art. Meanwhile, many other internationally-renowned artists began to take an interest in the labels of the Wine of Peace that over time have become a rare item for collectors and, as such, are often mentioned in every magazine about wine and culture. Since 1985 the bottles, in sets of three, were painted by great artists such as Zoran Music, Arnaldo Pomodoro and Enrico Baj. Since then extraordinary artists have joined year after year to support this fantastic project aimed at combining peace, art and wine at the highest level. Among others, the following artists have signed the labels: Dietman, Minguzzi, Fiume, Consagra, Celiberti, Manzù, Sassu, Fini, Vedova, Anderle, Rauschenberg, Corneille, Treccani, Nagasawa, Tadini, Ceroli. Dario Fo and Yoko Ono have also joined the project, organizing an original and unique permanent exhibition with high-level artworks on display, showing the long-lasting link between art and the most noble fruit of our land. All this was born and made in Cormòns.


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